Announcement of the production end

Olympus would like to extend our deep appreciation for a long patronage for the current model silicon cantilevers. We have decided to discontinue the production of the following products.

Discontinued products

  • OMCL-AC160TS-C2, OMCL-AC160TS-W2
  • OMCL-AC240TS-C2, OMCL-AC240TS-W2
  • OMCL-AC240TM-B2, OMCL-AC240TM-W2
  • OMCL-AC160BN-A2, OMCL-AC160BN-W2
  • OMCL-AC160FS-Q2, OMCL-AC160FS-B2
  • OMCL-AC240FS-Q2, OMCL-AC240FS-B2

End of production

March 31, 2014

Offers valid while supplies last. Please consult your local distributors for any questions or email us at

Thank you for your continuing support. We will always be at your service.